Iran and Korea are testing their weapons in Ukraine

12:14 - 12 February 2024 - News

Iran and Korea are testing their weapons in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine allows Russia's allies to test their weapons against Western air defence systems.

BUTA.TV reports that "Forbes" published information about this.

"Although North Korea often tests nuclear missiles, Ukraine gives it a unique opportunity to see how it handles a real combat situation," the report said.

It is noted that Iran has already tested its missiles during the attack on Idlib province in northwestern Syria:

"So these tests will not be as useful to them as North Korea. But according to experts, Iran can still get some benefit from it. Russia considers Iranian missiles much more valuable than North Korean missiles. After all, they can be more accurate. In addition, these missiles are easier to develop and launch. Iran and Russia will undoubtedly share information to counter Western-made anti-missile defence systems. This exchange will be mutual, and Iran will also learn a lot from this experience."