Armenia is controlled from Baku - Babajanyan

16:18 - 12 February 2024 - News

Armenia is controlled from Baku - Babajanyan

Azerbaijan has the initiative and permission to raise any issue in Armenia. Today, Armenia is governed by a formal government dictated by Azerbaijan.

BUTA.TV reports that Armenian expert Hasmik Babajanyan said these words.

He accused Pashinyan of repeating what the President of Azerbaijan or his officials said:

"There are many legal statements that what Azerbaijan says in the morning, Nikol Pashinyan speaks about in the afternoon. It seems that Azerbaijan dictates the management system of Armenia. With the latest example, it can be concluded that the management system of Armenia is in the hands of Azerbaijan. The Prime Minister claims that he did not change the Constitution at the request of Azerbaijan and did not open the discussion of the Declaration of Independence. Azerbaijan makes opposite statements. Even Elchin Amirbeyov, Aliyev's representative on special tasks, says that his country sees problems not only in the Declaration of Independence of Armenia, but also in several other documents, and these issues have been repeatedly raised in contacts with Yerevan. This means that Azerbaijan is aware of the discussion of these issues in advance and is proactive."